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He is the founder of US Asians, an online portal that documents the history and current events within the Asian Pacific American communities.

His entertainment experience spans over a decade and includes music performing, producing and arranging, film production, and event coordination.

A graduate of UC Irvine, he has produced events at or for MGM Grand Arena, Hollywood Park Race Track (Jenny/Alex To), Star East/Alan Tam/Jackie Chan, and has film industry business experience in the following areas: negative pickups (Columbia/Tri-Star, Cannon Group), strategic planning (Disney, MGM/Cannon), movie insurance/presales (MGM/Cannon), and film/script/budget development (Cannon Group/Sony Pictures).

His experience has also seen him work on music projects for Don Was, Brian Wilson, Paul Jackson Jr., Sam Phillips, Pediatric Aids Project, Tower of Power horn section, members of Toto, Rob Wasserman, as well as participating in televised events (Blockbuster Awards, Grammys).

He has helped cast independent films, needle drops (ABC), booked by Super Agent Bessie Loo, worked for APA's Executive Vice-President Danny Robinson, participated in various theater productions (i.e. Flower Drum Song, King & I, South Pacific, My Pal Joey, etc.) and acted with such notables as James Shigeta, Hermes Pan, Celeste Holm, Bobby Van, Peter Finch, Liv Ullman, George Kennedy, Olivia Hussey, Sally Kellerman and Keiko Agena (Gilmore Girls).



To Serve as the central Internet location in providing accurate imagery in films, resources, articles, politics, artists, music, business, events and the history of the Asian Pacific American / US Asians communities.

To Facilitate an accurate understanding how a communities' past dictates past stereotypes, to providing additional insights to where our futures lie and that decides what actions are taken today.

To Communicate the dreams, endeavors, visions, goals and future of the Asian Pacific American communities.

To Provide (through our consultation, dialogue, events, panel discussions, etc.) an effective and accurate means of incorporating the US Asians / Asian Pacific American communities within the tapestry of the general public.

To Locate, identify and work with US Asians / Asian Pacific American organizations that want to participate in actions of providing unity for all our respective communities.



It is an online media-oriented source of information focusing on factors that distinguishes and highlights the characteristics of an "Artist" from the Asian/Asian Pacific American communities.

Listed below are descriptions of "factors" that we believe separates an "Artist" from an "Entertainer."

It is our belief that "Artists" are the "Town-Crier" that shares the stories, struggles, victories, personal insights, goals, dreams, obstacles, loves, observations and joys of the Asian/Asian Pacific American communities. It is hoped that with this information that one can have a closer and more intimate perspective of a community's past, present and future. This role describes the differences between the role of an "Artist" - as oppose to the role "Entertainers" whose main purpose is to provide an escape (via laughter, sharing of fantasies, song & dance, theater, etc.).
As the community's "town-crier" - one of their main priorities is to share their personal tales of their respective lives, victories, obstacles, struggles, relationships, dreams, etc. that are part of their every day lives. ("No one will know who we are until we know who we are" ( Malcolm X )
One must know one's past to have an accurate perspective(s) of the various reasons behind the many stories that are being told through various "Town-Criers." ("As long as we don't know our history and other's history, there will be no positive interactions or understanding" (Yuri Kochiyama)
Past Works
Knowledge of our communities' artists (past and present) and their works (i.e. music, films, etc.) are important to affirm their achievements, recognition of their place in history and to learn from their respective stories.

Acknowledgement of the entertainment industry's recognition of Asian/Asian Pacific American artists is important to recognize the influences they have upon these communities and the general public.

In addition, they serve as a "Starting Point" for people to discover prominent "Role Models" (past and present) that provide confidence to others to achieve even greater recognition to future "Artists" as Town-Criers for the next generation.

New Artists
Identifying upcoming "Artists" in the film and music communities (among other types of "Artists") is important to support and nurture these "Town-Criers" to carry on the tradition.


The website is broken into the following categories: 1) Film Section; 2) Timeline (History) Section; 3) Music Section; 4) Featured Artists & Community Leaders Section; 4) Resource Section; 5) APA Music Poll (information on upcoming artists; 6) APA Film Poll (information on upcoming filmmakers); 7) Articles Section and 8) Award-Winning Artist Section. Click HERE for more information on these categories.


Within our "Articles" section, the contributing writers listed below have provided additional and invaluable insights into the intimate issues of the Asian/Asian Pacific American communities.
Oliver Chin
Oliver Chin is the author of the forthcoming book The Tao of Yao: Insights from Basketball’s Brightest Big Man.
Gode Davis
Filmmaker who is producing the documentary American Lynching: Strange And Bitter Fruit (www.americanlynching.com) -- the first feature-length documentary focused on the tragic and shameful phenomenon of lynching in the United States of America.
Stacey Fong
This UC Berkeley graduate has been involved in Chinese Opera since 2000, doing supporting roles for the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, Red Bean Cantonese Opera Group, and Tri-Valley Talent Group.
Christine Ho
She is a graduate of the College of William and Mary in Virginia with a Government/Pre-Law major whose ambition is to become a civil rights lawyer.
Arthur Hu
American-born Chinese software engineer with a wife and three kids whose profession is a software engineer after graduating from MIT. He has written varioius columns for Asian Week. He filed in1989 a complaint which resulted in revision of UC admissions policies. His interests are in diversity, politics, education reform, affirmative action and evolution.
Bill Lee

He is the founder AsianSportsNet.com - website dedicated to provide useful, objective, and updated information to the global readership about Asians in professional sports in America, and Asians in Asia who have the potential to enter American professional sports.

Cherylene Lee

She is a 4th generation Chinese American who grew up in Hollywood as a child performer doing TV sitcoms, movies, and a nightclub act in Las Vegas during the 1960s.

Ji Hyun Lee
This New-York based writer was educated at Columbia and New York Universities while receiving degrees in Playwriting and Dramatic Writing.
Monica Lee

Monica Lee's heritage of being 25% Hawaiian, 25% Japanese, 25% Chinese and 25% mixed (Portuguese, Spanish, Apache, Cherokee, French, Tahitian, English and Mexican) provided her with an unique perspective of community within Hawai'i.

Jessica Lim
Author has spent her her undergraduate studies at Rutgers College, New Brunswick. She received a BA Journalism in English. She presently works at Digital Form Ltd. In New York as a project manager. Her past articles has been seen in School Arts Magazine and Koream Journal.
Doris Lin

Writer/Attorney works part-time for New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance and has worked for many progressive causes, including the environment and immigration.

Antonio Marshall
This Virginia Tech graduate has spoken at an international conference at Anhalt University in Bernburg, Germany that included leaders in the field of virtual reality and design in the world of both professional and academia.
Daniel Mayeda
Vice-President and Legal Council for East West Players
Ruben Nepales

He is a Los Angeles-based contributing writer to the three leading newspapers in the Philippines, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Philippine Star and Manila Bulletin. He was the executive editor of the now-defunct Manila Extra, a magazine for Filipino-Americans distributed in Southern California.

James Nguyen
He is the founder of Golden Gate Entertainment, Inc.. He has extensive experience in the entertainment & high technology industries while having written various screenplays and directed numerous TV commercials.
Tudo Nguyen
Oberlin College student (2003) who is a supporter of Cau Tran
Jeff Park
He has worked with Spike Lee's Martin Lawarence Show, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Coach. He was co-president of the Media Image Coalition (MIC) and presently he is involved with Move-Producer-Net.
Noy Thrupkaew

She is the former associate editor of Sojourner: The Women's Forum, a 25-year-old national feminist publication. She writes frequently on international women's human rights, welfare policy, prison issues, and Asian and Asian American literature and film.

Forrest Wood
He is a retired history professor who is pursuing an acting career. One of his books, The Arrogance of Faith: Christianity and Race in America from the Colonial Era to the Twentieth Century (Knopf), won the Cleveland Foundation's Anisfield-Wolf Award.
Russell Yee
He is the pastor of New Life Christian Fellowship in California's Castro Valley. He is also an Adjunct Prfessor at Fuller Theological Seminary in California. He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley).

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