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Often our past history dictates the present-day actions to accomplish where we want to be in the future.

  • We fought during the Civil War,
  • That San Francisco didn't allow Japanese/Korean/Chinese children to attend public schools,
  • A racially offensive comic strip in the New York Post,
  • That Santa Ana's (located in California's Orange County) Chinatown was burned down without NO ONE BEING CONVICTED,
  • Chinese women were recruited to serve in the Army's Air Force as "Air WAC's,"
  • Do you know who dedicated her life to political activism, participating in issues such as nuclear disarmament, Japanese American redress and reparations, and international prisoners' rights. and had a friendship with Malcolm X? This person is Yuri Kochiyama!
  • Find out who was the first Asian American (Asian Indian) to have been elected to Congress from a mainland state (Dahlip Singh Saund) who stated "There is no room in the United States of America for second-class citizenship" and
  • Did you know that there was a Chinese "Schindler's List?" Mr. Feng Shan Ho helped many Jews escape the Nazis by issuing them visas to China and was honored for saving the lives of more than 200,000 European Jews!
  • Tragic killing of 15 years old Penny Chang by a 21 years old White male!


This section's purpose is to provide:
to discover more about the dreams of US Asians / Asian Pacific Americans
our reasons for our fears and our hope for our future and
little known historical information that are not often illustrated in today's books


FEATURED ARTIST OF MAY: ANNA MAY WONG - this early pioneer suffered many of the same problems that still exists today - ironically. Despite working at major film studios, appearing in featured roles with renown actors of the day, etc. - she had to go to Europe to receive roles that were more than menial and often throw-away parts.

FEATURED ARTICLE: Diversity in the Media - Read Dan Mayeda's words on East West Players' participation in providing proper representation of Asian Pacific Americans and other ethnic minorities.

FEATURED EVENT IN HISTORY: Murder of Vincent Chin - Within this article, information of subjective racial hatred and ignorance caused the senseless murder of a Chinese American who was mistakenly identified as a Japanese National by some White males. As a result of the times, Vincent Chin was stalked and killed in this high-profiled hate crime.

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