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Check out the December highlights of APA actors appearing on tv and mini-profiles on important artists or community leaders by clicking HERE.

With history taking place during this presidential election, discover how Asian Americans voted & tell us what you think about APA's in politics by clicking HERE.

Important December community events are listed HERE.

New & important historical events that help shape the general public & our own perception(s) of the Asian Pacific American communities are listed below.


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IN 1850
California imposed a Foreign Miner's Tax & enforces it mainly vs. Chinese miners.

IN 1861
Chinese soldiers served in the "Avegno Tiger Zouaves" Company I, 14th Louisiana Infantry

IN 1867
Two thousand Chinese railroad workers went on strike for a week.

IN 1869
Memphis TN conference of plantation owners proposed substituting Chinese labor for black slaves.

IN 1871
Nineteen Chinese were massacred in Los Angeles. October 24 marked the worst incident of Anti-Chinese violence in America up to that time.

IN 1912
Native Sons of the Golden State established lodge in LA Chinatown to defend civil rights of Chinese Americans. Name is changed in 1914 to Chinese Americans Citizens Alliance.

IN 1912
Japanese in California hold statewide conference on Nisei education.

IN 1917
All-Japanese Company D, 1st Hawiian Regiment of Infantry, is formed in Hawai'i to serve in World War I. There were, also, Chinese Americans also served in WWI.

IN 1917
All Asian immigrants except for Japanese and Filipinos banned by order of Congress.

IN 1918
Servicemen of Asian ancestry who had served in World War I receive right of naturalization.

IN 1919
Japanese Americans formed the Federation of Japanese Labor in Hawaii.

IN 1927
Gong Lum v Rice - Supreme Court of Mississippi rules for separate but equal facilities for Mongolian children.

IN 1927
The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the laws passed by the Hawaii Legislature to control the Japanese Language Schools--Act 152 (Apr. 1925), Act 171 (Apr. 27, 1923), and Act 30 (Nov. 24, 1920)--were all unconstitutional.

IN 1928
Filipino farm workers are driven out of Yakima Valley, Washington. The Filipino American Christian Fellowship were formed by Filipinos in Los Angeles.

IN 1929
Unemployment rates in Chinatown rose to 50% during the Depression.

IN 1929
A gun-carrying mob led by the Exeter police chief drive Filipino field workers out of Exeter.

IN 1929
Fazal Muhammad Khan, a rice farmer in Butte County, contributes to the growth and development of the rice industry. California subsequently becomes one of the rice farming centers in the country.

IN 1947
Amendment to 1945 War Brides Act allows Chinese American veterans to bring brides into the U.S.

IN 1947
Truman grants full pardon to the Japanese Americans who had been convicted for resisting the draft while they and their families were held in concentration camps.

IN 1948
Japanese American Claims Act passed, allowing limited redress for those dispossessed of their property during internment.

IN 1949
5000 highly educated Chinese in the U.S. granted refugee status after China institutes a Communist government.

IN 1949
Up to 1949, 600 workers from the Philippines were imported by the sugar planters to break up strikes led by the International Longshoremen's & Warehousemen's Union.

IN 1949
FBI arrests the Hawaii Seven for communist activity. Their fines and jail terms are overturned in January 1958.

IN 1952
Legislation which allowed Japanese immigrants to become naturalized citizens

IN 1955
The Chinese Chamber of Commerce was established in 1955 to promote the development of the Chinese American business community throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.


The purpose of this section is to provide the following:
to discover more about the dreams of US Asians / Asian Pacific Americans
our reasons for our fears and our hope for our future and
little known historical information that are not often illustrated in today's books


Visit our "Music Poll" to share with us what upcoming apa music groups you would like to see on our upcoming "Spring Break 2001 Music Tour!" Selected groups and special guests will be seen in early 2001 in possible cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York and ending in Los Angeles. Stay tune for more info and if you would like to share with us any suggestions for groups, venues or to book the tour at any event, contact us at by clicking HERE


Magazine publisher
Amedia Inc.has laid off its Los Angeles & San Francisco Internet staff. "Inside Asian America" reported that layoffs were in preparation of a potential merger of with Click2Asia. Recent times were "beset with late or bouncing checks" and the purchase of Classified Records.

The Media Coaltion's "TV Diversity Report" on diversity in television stated that the Black community's representation has increased, while the other ethnic minority groups have decreased. The coalition's statements were reported to "had only vague statistics to back up its assessment this year (2000)."

Join the Korean American Family Reunion Council to collect 100,000 signatures to garner support nationally and internationally asking assistance and raising awareness of separated families in America who have yet to be reunited with their families in North Korea. Click HERE to show your support and HERE to hear what is happening.

Applications must be received by 5:00pm on Feb. 23 & Aug. 24, 2001.. This call is for public tv projects in any stage of production or post-production. For more info, click HERE

InterAct Theatre Co. in Philadelphia needs 3 Asian American Actors for its showcases of new plays.

" F O R E I G N * E X C H A N G E "
Karen (lead character)

  • mid-2O's-early 3O's
  • Japanese -American,
  • smart & no accent
Aye (Karen's grandmother)
  • mid-4O's-6O's
  • Japanese
  • earthy & accent
Yoshi (Karen's cousin)
  • 30's
  • Japanese
  • corporate professional
  • accent or not

" J A M B U L U "

  • 20's
  • Japanese-American
  • Shiatsu healer
  • accent

Showcase Dates: January 7-14
Contract: $175 (plus housing)

Send photo and resume to:
InterAct Theatre Company
2030 Sansom Street
PhiladelphIa, Pa 19103
or call (215) 568-8077, ext 2

Organization of Chinese Americans is seeking Asian Pacific American college students interested in interning in Washington, D.C. starting in January. Requirements are the following:

  • College or graduate student
  • interest in public affairs
  • communication skills and
  • 10 weeks commitment
  • a stipend for $2,000.

    Contact the National Office at (202) 223-5500 or by e-mail by clicking HERE

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC & Robert Greenwald Prods. are developing a telefilm about the espionage scandal surrounding Wen Ho Lee. The project's focus will be on the Federal investigation fallout that raised questions racial profiling & China's industrial espionage campaigns. Hyperion, Walt Disney's publishing arm, has inked a separate deal with the Lee family for a book about his experiences during the past year.

    Passage of H.R.4635 authorizes a spending total of $106 billion, $6 million of which is earmarked for Filipino American veterans. Five million dollars is for full medical care, access to VA hospitals and compensation of up to $2,000 per month for veterans. The bill also set aside $500,000 for burial in national cemeteries, including funeral expenses of up to $300 for their families. The remaining $500,000 provides full hospital or nursing home care for veterans permanently disabled from war-related injuries or illnesses.

    8 Asian Pacific Americans are in the 107th Congress. They include the following:

    • Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii),
    • Mike Honda (15th District of CA),
    • Eni Faleomavaega (D-AM SAMOA)
    • Robert Matsui (D-CA)
    • Patsy Mink (D-HI),
    • Robert Underwood (D-GUAM)
    • David Wu (D-OR)
    join Senator Daniel Inouye (D-HI)

    For more info, visit Senate or House websites.

    A new report by a coalition of Asian-American civil-rights groups shows that violent attacks against Asian-Americans have risen in the '90s to 486 incidents last year (1999) from 335 in 1993.

    Philadelphia Stadium will not be at Chinatown. Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) applauds Philadelphia Mayor John Street's decision not to proceed with plans to build a professional baseball stadium for the Philadelphia Phillies in Chinatown. For further info, please contact OCA by clicking HERE.

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