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Often our past history dictates the present-day actions to accomplish where we want to be in the future.

  • World War II Asian American War Heroes will be finally recognized and honored by President Clinton on June 21, 2000
  • Naoki Kamijima was the fatal victim of another hate crime
  • Wen Ho Lee is mistreated by the United States government
  • Luyen Phan Nguyen, a 19-year-old Vietnamese American pre-med student in Coral Springs, Fla. was a victim of a hate crime
  • Discover the film Crimson Kimono where an Asian American male (James Shigeta) won the affections of a white woman (Victoria Shaw) from his rival (Glenn Corbett) - a white male!
  • Canton Bank - 1st Chinese banking institution is formed in the United States
  • Congress passes the "Chinese Exclusion Act" that was the first federal attempt to limit immigration to the US by nationality
  • In 1922, the Cable Act declares that any American female citizen who marries "an alien ineligible to citizenship" would lose her citizenship.
  • In 1933, Filipinos were ineligible for citizenship in the United States and barred from entering the United States.
  • Asian/Asian American soldiers fought and were killed in the Spanish American War.
  • Discover our APA Advisory Commission
  • 1st Civil Marriage of Chinese Americans in California & the US!


This section's purpose is to provide:
to discover more about the dreams of US Asians / Asian Pacific Americans
our reasons for our fears and our hope for our future and
little known historical information that are not often illustrated in today's books


FEATURED ARTIST OF JUNE: RUSSELL WONG - his last appearance was a major supporting role in Jet Li's "Romeo Must Die!" He even had the chance to fight with Jet Li! (note: one guess on who won and who looked the best!?!?!?!?!)

His many rabid female fans will watch him in the recent tv appearances of his first starring role in "Vanishing Son."

In this APA version of "The Fugitive" - Russell romanced many a female, show off his fighting skills, had everyday problems and provided many opportunities for other APA actors were some of the many positive things that this show accomplished.

FEATURED ARTICLE: ROMEO MUST DIE - Along with Russell Wong's appearance in "Romeo Must Die" - the film featured Jet Li in this so-called romance.

Read Jeff Park's review on why he never got to kiss his romantic interest in this retelling of Romeo and Juliet.

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