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In our on-going tradition of monitoring the representations of Asian Pacific Americans in television, we will be sharing the listings of appearances on the Sunday before each week. Special appearances, important movies, new shows featuring APA actors, interviews, etc. on t.v. will be highlighted. Click HERE to discover when they are appearing!

In addition, check out Jet Li's new movie "Romeo Must Die" that features some GREAT martial art fighting, Sci-Fi's Interview on the Internet, Jet Li in a Sci-Fi commercial, Lisa Ling in an "Old Navy" commercial, Lucy Liu/Chou Yan Fat as presentors in the Oscars broadcast and Anthony Brown's Jazz Orchestra being nominated for a Grammy in this year's show!


Discover the following about the Asian/Asian Pacific American communities:

  • We fought during the Civil War,
  • That San Francisco didn't allow Japanese/Korean/Chinese children to attend public schools,
  • A racially offensive comic strip in the New York Post,
  • That Santa Ana's (located in California's Orange County) Chinatown was burned down without NO ONE BEING CONVICTED,
  • Chinese women were recruited to serve in the Army's Air Force as "Air WAC's,"
  • Discover an activist who dedicated her life to political activism - Yuri Kochiyama!
  • The first Asian American (Asian Indian) elected to Congress from a mainland state (Dahlip Singh Saund) who stated "There is no room in the United States of America for second-class citizenship" and
  • Did you know that there was a Chinese "Schindler's List?" Mr. Feng Shan Ho and saved 200,000+ European Jews!
  • Tragic killing of 15 years old Penny Chang by a 21 years old White male!


In the near future, we will be developing a "Political Section" of the site.

Artists are often the "mouthpiece" in verbalizing our concerns, worries, dreams, goals, etc. To understand why our artists have a need to communicate, we have developed the "Timeline" section to better understand our past.


In honor of Easter, Asian AmericanArtistry we have featured Christian artists within the Asian Pacific American communities throughout the US. These music ministries are Junko (based in Southern California), Church of Rhythm (based in Chicago), the Katinas (based in Nashville) and Big Dog Small Fence (based in Southern California.

These groups run the gamut from ska (Big Dog Small Fence) to r&b/hard-hitting gospel (The Katinas) to techno pop (Church of Rhythm) to Amy Grant type of Christian pop (Junko) and are great examples of the diversity that exists within this specific music genre.


BOOK REVIEW - In honor of Easter, we are featuring a book review from Pastor Russell Yee of Pastor Ken Fong's "Pursuing the Pearl."

FILM REVIEW - Romeo Must Die - the latest film from Warner Bros. Featuring Jet Li, Aayilah, DMX and many others in this Joel Silver film has a lot of "buzz" around town. Will it be a romance, will it have great fighting, will they kiss, will the Asian guy finally win, will there be a "make-out" scene, will they.... will they.....

FILM REVIEW - Snow Falling in Cedars was another film that was creating a lot of attention in the media. Check out Patsy Sakuma's review that covers a controversial time in history (the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII) in a very straightforward fashion.

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